Doubtful works

Tinting to the opinions expressed by the official website of Cándido Fernández Mazas on the booklet appeared in the magazine Gallegos. No. 15 / III / 2011.

With the publication of this comment, from the official website of Cándido Fernández Mazas, the guardian and custodian of the work of that artist as well as the legitimate heirs-hence the use of the plural we wish safeguard the right of rectification to the -more than reasonable-doubt expressed in this same website at the entrance: Clarification article in Galegos Magazine, Issue 15 / III / 2011Which they have arisen in those who led our Clarification some concern, more than anything to reassure them.

Doubt about the authorship of Mazas in these four works published, remains reasonable, not only by the way have appeared in the magazine, or because they represent more than 50% of the work to recognized oil painter, or because they have not been presented with the importance of this finding merit, but also so show the same works.

Who presents who the sample is who must prove its authenticity. The doubts expressed here, and the Clarification Initial, will be reversed at the time that such evidence is presented, but only if they are convincing and scientifically substantiated and not merely disputable. -and that opinion for review while contrary is proved we we continue staying with the our, Which otherwise has so much intellectual and moral validity as any expert but. If this website was born to spread the work and intellectual legacy of Cándido Fernández Mazas, it is exactly what We pretend done with the utmost fidelity, also ensure its integrity and legitimacy. Loyalty, and in the case of some of USAlso consanguinity with the author we forces.

Clarification on the article Fernández Mazas in Galegos magazine, Issue 15 / III / 2011.

Although we had requested collaboration and pictures and participate in that number, we would like to disassociate from four of the works included, we have ever seen and we were hidden until the time of publication, but a priori, and after observation of the photographs of them, we do not seem true: lack of grace, delicacy, accuracy in drawing and correct representation of the Handed anatomy, feet, limbs, articulaciones- well as the subtlety of color, they are inherently linked to the work of Cándido Fernández Mazas. Desirable that whoever tries present as Mazas justify apart from the above outlined constatable- and easily derived, routine analysis: x-ray, grenz, electroespectrografía, etc.