Illustration Day 2020:
Cándido Fernández Mazas

On Enlightenment 2020 we pay tribute to the illustrator, artist and writer from Ourense, Cándido Fernández Mazas. With this short video we review his life and work.
A production of PUFA and the Department of Cultural Policy of the Government of Galicia
Screenplay: Alberto Guitián
Animation and video: Martín Romero, Isabel Vila
Music: ‘Gnossienne n.º 1’, by Erik Satie, by Roberto Casteleiro
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Cándido Fernández Mazas - "harmonious multi-skilled individual" - in the words of Carlos Gurméndez, belongs to the young generation, born in the twentieth century, they die prematurely. For different geographical and personal avatars have remained in the shadows of history. Your life will pass couple to the evolution and the determining events of his century.

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