This absence

In fact, almost everything we are we owe to Dichi". For his aphoristic court, this sentence the same could be a statement of principle that the key response to an interview question about generations, so the use, or -why not- the beginning of a story of intrigue. Actually, it was not sincere if belated act of contrition I heard from the mouth of Ernesto Gómez del Valle[1] in late 1960, I think in Los Milagros, where at that time lived for about a year convalescing from a serious operation, for responding to my utter perplexity "And who is the Dichi?Ernesto said, among other things, that years ago, during one of his crisis, Cándido Fernández Mazas, the Dichi, had been as well Los Milagros. Continue reading “This absence”

The art of dying

Poetics Fernández Mazas

And hurry indecision is annihilating: Top latter.
Matisse was born from this destruction.

In the background, or in the shape, we look footprint; what is really an artist in his work. Their concerns, their life paths. A pulse, a heartbeat, a way to proceed in reality. If we stuck only his graphic work, his drawings, engravings or paintings, despite the discontinuous vocation of his work, of missing parts of it, we would have the possibility of a plausible portrait of Cándido Fernández Mazas. Continue reading “The art of dying”

A poet (dramatic) lost in the fog

The title of my article expresses the feeling I have in relation to Cándido Fernández Mazas. All I knew about it was what I heard more than once Eugenio Granell say: it was he who taught him the first copies of the magazine Minotaur and she introduced him to avant-garde art. I then engaged in granelliana more work, I did not find out more. Moreover, and in view of what little remains of his work (did much to what little he lived), how difficult it has been to assemble it and covered it was his memory, it was not easy to know. Continue reading “A poet (dramatic) lost in the fog”

Mazas, creator poet of friendship

I was very fortunate having been a friend of Fernández Mazas. I met him in Madrid. Had just arrived from France, their friendship was a vital jackpot lottery, which is enough to feel proud of my time on earth. Many times I crossed my pension in Madrid from Atocha to List where Mazas lived in studying Arbós, that when he left in the summer Mazas continued occupying during the first months of the war. Continue reading “Mazas, creator poet of friendship”


It informs the Treasury ... From Covarubias from the seventeenth century debuxar is "delineating a figure without giving color or shadows, but only take profiles", it is clear that the definition should be the exact complexly form not only of the work of Cándido Fernández Mazas, but in his statements about whatever this task, your ideas come to ascetics reduction criteria proposed by this dictionary. Reduce as a method of finding profiles. This same text would be a drawing, follow these indications as a portrait, either of an author, a theme or a perspective on both, must necessarily operate on this criterion. Continue reading “Scratch”